Rapid Lash Review

I have elephant eyelashes.
They're straight, short and cannot be seen for love nor money. I'd curl the crap out of them and layer as much mascara on them untilk they dropped into their straight ways again - oh how I wished for long fluttery eyelashes...

I saw Rapid Lash in Boots - it's quite a pricey princess product so I made sure I read plenty of reviews before taking the plunge. Rapid Lash is an eye lash serum which you use everynight for a few months by lining above the eyelashes like an eyeliner.

After 6 months I can finally see a difference - especially when I wear mascara! I have such long lashes I don't know what to do with them!

I documented the growth every month as it was difficult to find pictures online so you can get a slight idea before you make the investment. (most were wearing fake eyelashes....)


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