Lush Skins Shangri la Moisteriser Review

Years ago when I used to collect Lush products like they were going out of business, I got a small pot of Shangri La Moisturiser and instantly fell in love with how it made my dehydrated skin feel. However 17 year old me didn't want to spend £30 on a single skincare item. Little did I realise how much I would spend on skincare in the future!

I hadn't been into Lush in the longest time, and was just searching for a few bathbombs as a little treat to myself - however after looking at their moisturiser range again, I remembered how much I enjoyed using their skincare products. So I picked up a pot and headed home.

This moisturiser is jam packed with thirst quenching oils and luxury ingredients to help soothe skin, especially in the colder months.

I use this after all my other skincare, so after cleansing, serum, and moisturiser. I use my Benefit Total Moisturiser first, and then the Lush Shangri La over the top to seal everything in, and offer a level of protection throughout the day. I wouldn't reccomend this for oily skin types, but for those with dry and dehydrated skin this is perfect - a little goes a long way too!

I tried their Skin Drink years ago, but remember it was a tad too heavy even for my dry skin type, this is luxurious and hydrating, and perfect as the weather has just turned.


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