Thick and Fast: Soap and Glory Mascara Review

I recently did a post all about Soap and Glory's make up range. But I thought these mascaras needed their own review as they're all so different. They're all priced between £9 and £10.50. So slightly pricier than your average drug store mascara which are usually priced around the £7 mark. 

Thick and Fast 'Super Volume' Mascara

First up is the original Thick and Fast mascara in black packaging. It states that its a 'Super volume mascara.' This mascara has the largest brush of the three and a slightly dryer formula than the others.

My lashes are naturally very straight and not the longest in the world! (My boyfriend has longer eyelashes than me!) So I have to curl my lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara anyway or else I end up with thicker straight lashes! 
This formula holds a curl well and is the most volume enhancing of the three.

Thick and Fast 'High Definition Collagen
Coat Mascara
 Next is the Thick and Fast 'High definition collagen-coat' mascara i nthe gold packaging (which feels heavy and luxurious!)
This one has an odd paint smell to it...but it doesn't linger...I'm guessing its the collagen maybe?
This ones want has two sides. One side is really small and fine, whilst the other side has two longer edges to almost grip the lashes? I can't explain it, But this formula is quite messy and wet to apply, but is super lengthening! The formula is quite clumpy if you use too much, but one light coat is more than enough! This holds a curl even better than the last one, it's just slightly harder to apply.

Thick and Fast 'Flash Extensions
Effect Mascara'
Lastly in the silver packaging is Thick and Fast 'Flash Extensions Effect' Mascara. This wand is super thin and precise and is the easiest to apply. As you can see from the photo it's very separating and quite lengthening and almost gives a fluttery look to the lashes which I prefer and generally holds a curl really well.

My personal favourite is the 'Flash Extensions Effect' Mascara as it looks naturally enhances my lashes and makes them look 100x better than normal! For a night out when I want a little more volume I normally opt for the 'High Definition Collagen-Coat' Mascara. As it shows up great on photos and really adds some depth to the eyes.

So there you have it! I hope you've found this helpful if you were in the market for a new mascara. Have you tried any of these mascaras? Or do you prefer another brands mascara range?


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