L'oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara Review

I'm always searching for the best new mascara, I have incredibly straight black lashes that don't want to curl. Even with my eye lash curlers they end up dropping down.
After watching a video from Amelia Liana; she used the new L'Oreal Superstar Mascara and it looked amazing on her. So...into Boots I went and come out with the Mascara. (I was going to buy some of the new Revlon HD lipstick too but resisted, as a shop assistant was putting them all out on display) - expect those to be brought soon!

There are two sides to the mascara, firstly there is a white voluminous side. This is almost a primer for the second step. This includes a beautifully shaped brush to add volume to the lashes. Then you add the other side which is a black formula with small fibers in which covers the last coat and adds color and extra thickness to the lashes.

I've fallen in love with this mascara, it's just annoying to apply as the wands are on the inside of the tube so it's a bit fiddly...but worth the results. I managed to grab this for £7.99 from Boots instead of £10.99, I just might have to pick another one up before this offer disappears!

The only other mascara I've tried from L'Oreal is their Miss Manga mascara. But I've heard great things about their other ranges, I must remember to give them a go sometime!

Have you tried this mascara out yet? Or have any recommendations from L'Oreal's Mascara Range?
Please let me know!


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