Collective Boots Haul

Over the past few months I've brought a few items to pamper myself during our hectic house situation - I'm sorry thats all I'm ever going to talk about now!
It's nice to have a little treat every now and then; and the only place to do that is in Boots. Most of the items I picked up have either been on my lust list for a little while now, or I've seen them spoken about in videos so I had to try it out for myself! - Watching Youtube videos is so enabling!

Make up:
I found the cutest, tiniest eyeshadow palette from Smashbox that I couldn't refuse - the Smashbox Full Exposure palette has the perfect shades in it to be the only palette you ever need - Full review to come!
Benefit Gimmie brow has been on my list for a long time - and today I finally bit the £18 bullet and brought it. I haven't had much time (or a good enough mirror) to see to my brows recently and thought this would be great to tame things till I can get them professionally done. I havn't tried this yet so await a full review!
Whilst I was gorming at the Benefit counter I also picked up a Posiebalm - just cause it looked cute and I wanted a little treat for myself...I have no excuse, have you seen the packaging?

I had a sample of the Lush moisturiser in Skins Shangri La and remember it being like a drink for your skin. With all the stress from moving and months of decorating, this was very much needed! It's quite a thick creamy consistensy, and almost oily? If you suffer from oily skin this won't be for you; but for those who lack moisture this would be perfect. I use this as the last step in my routine to add a good dose of moisture before starting my day.
Hylamide Booster Glow Serum - I saw this brand on a few skincare blogs and was intrigued so I picked one up. It's from the same brains as Indeed labs, so I thought it would be worth a shot! I picked up the glow booster serum as my skin has always been a bit lacklustre...If I like this one I may have to stock up on more from the brand!

On my sprees I also picked up two new brushes from varying spectrums of price. First is the tapered blush brush from the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection - which I had been eyeing up for a while, and soon as I saw they were on offer I ran to the check out. Its a gorgeous colour, supersoft and applied blush like a dream - no regrets!
On the other side is a £3 blush brush from Wilkos. The softest brush, not too dense and visualy not at all bad...for anyone whose on a budget I highly reccomend taking a look!

Shower Products:
First I brought the St Tropez in shower gardual tan lotion; this was on every blog and every youtube channel and had some real mixed reviews. I've never been one for self tanning as I always end up turning orange or have a horrid streak down my arm. This is the perfect self tanning lotion for people who don't want to look orange and want a streak free application.
Next on my jollies I came across some Ritauls products in Marks Spencers. I chose the Indian rose scent in the foaming shower gel formula. This is similar to the Imperial Leather Foamburst, but a bit more luxurious and creamy.

Well there you have it! 2 months of purchases wrapped up! Expect full reviews very soon as I use the products and get to know them, and expect to see others in Most Used Monday posts - which will be back soon too!

I've really missed blogging and having my little space on the feels good to be back!


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