Things I've learnt during DIY'ing

Our little house is almost finished! Its been 4 weeks of late nights and no dinners but we're almost at the end now. I've learnt a few valuable lessons whilst doing some DIY to our new home and I thought I'd share them with you!

  • The kettle will be your best friend - Builders and Movers LOVE tea and coffee, have plenty available and always be ready to make more. However they love a good Mcdonalds breakfast too!
  • Paint gets EVERYWHERE. In your hair, on your elbows and it's incredibly drying on your poor little handies!
  • Wallpaper is the worst. Especially if they've painted over the fucker.
  • Builders and Handymen are busy have to wait for the best!
  • Your house will never be dust free ever again.
  • After 3pm I get stroppy and disheartened and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere...Then I come back an hour later after a little break and it's all okay again - especially after a cheeky cuppa and biscuit.
  • Make an 'emergency' case when moving so you know where your Pajamas and toiletries are so you don't have to remember which box they're in!
  • Paying someone £50 to clean your oven is the best money you'll ever spend.
  • Always clean out your paintbrushes and rollers after use...or you'll have to go buy a new set every day!
  • Friends and Family are lifesavers and a huge help if they're handy with a paintbrush or filler!


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