Barry M Sunset Collection Review

I found myself in Boots again yesterday, this time to pick some normal items such as shampoo etc; but stumbled across the Barry M counter and saw some new offerings since I'd last been.

I was instantly drawn to the rose gold packaging and the concept: gel nails without the UV lamp. The shade selection isn't my favourite so I picked up an easy nude shade in 'Like A Nude' which is then paired with the 'Daylight Curing' topcoat. The shades are all bright summer shades - where as I prefer my pastels right now, the only other shade I was interested in was a coral pink.
The polish took about four thin coats to get a nice opaque finish. I've heard other colours are around two coats.

From what I understand the shade colour adheres to your nail like a gel polish, and then the top coat uses everyday UV lights in the daylight and artificial lighting to 'cure'/dry like a gel polish. I haven't tried the top coat with nail varnishes not from this range, so I will experiment and report back!

The finish is super glossy and professional looking. They're hard as nails and yet they come off with regular nail polish remover.

My left hand has survived a whole day without chipping and looks just as perfect and chip free as it did yesterday. My right hand looks a bit worse for wear....but my left side was more carefully applied and this shows in the end result. My job is incredibly hands on, so this is to be expected; I don't think even professionally done nails would withstand my work place.

I really like this idea and will be purchasing the coral pink soon to test that out and experimenting with other polishes to see if the same effect happens.

For £4.99 I think it's a really affordable way to get professional looking nails that will last - (as long as you don't have a hand destroying job like mine!)

Have you tried these nail varnishes yet?


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