What's in my handbag?

I love these types of posts as I'm a very nosey person.

I'm currently using my River Island small cross body, mini satchel in black with gold hardware, It goes with everything and is small enough to not be in the way, but still a decent size to get all the essentials in.
If I was to show you what I put in my larger bag for work it would be a LONG post - mittens included!


  • iphone 5 - Standard. I'm due for an upgrade soon, but I can never be without my iphone! In a Cath Kidston phone case; obviously.
  • Purse - Essential. Again this is from River Island and was a brand new purchase today, I've been searching for a nice thin purse and as this was mint green - well I had to have it. This contains my most prized possession - my Nando's card and Boots card.
  • Keys - I have a million of the things.
  • LipBalm - I can't be out and about without one! I switch it up between Burts Bee's and Carmex/Blistex.
  • Sunglasses - In the UK you'll be kicking yourself if the suns out and you forgot your sunglasses! These are from River Island a while back and fit my petite head perfectly - and go with every outfit too.
  • Lipstick - If I'm out wearing lipstick and know it will need touching up at some point I'll pop it in my bag just in case. I love the 'Lip Butters' from Revlon for a quick touch up and there's no need for a mirror!
  • Little Essentials - Gum, a few hair grips and hair bands at the bottom for those 'just in case' moments. There's normally some form of shopping list in here too and if I'm really lucky I'll have a pen.
  • Kindle - This fits snuggly if I do ever want it in my bag - I'll only ever take it out with me if I'm going on the train. 

What essentials do you have in your bag? Is there something you can't live without?


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