Ole Henkrikson 7 Skincare Sensations Review

I was perusing around the beauty hall in Selfridges and came across a little gem.
I've always wanted to try the skincare range from Ole Henrikson ever since following Caroline Hirons's blog. However was always put off by the expensive price tag.

For a mere £30 I managed to get my hands on 7 luxury sample sizes of their products. Heres the low down and what I would re purchase full size and what is not worth looking at.

African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser: 
I was a bit sceptical at first as we all know foaming cleansers dry out your skin; and for someone with VERY dry skin I wasn't sure how I would get on with this. However it feels like silk on the skin, it leaves a nice residue on the skin so it doesn't feel stripping, yet it feels cleansed. This also smells LOVELY. In the mornings this never fails to perk me up.
Would I buy the full size? Yes. It's one of the cheaper items to repurchase.

Walnut Complexion Scrub:
This is very similar to one I've tried from The Sanctuary Spa range. Its quite gritty with large particles of what I can only assume are walnuts? It'd a little too rough on my sensitive skin, However I think it makes a nice body scrub? It's not overly scented either.
Would I buy the full size? I'm afraid not. Drugstore face scrubs are cheaper and more gentle.

Truth Serum Collagen Booster:
This is by far my favourite product. The serum is light and sinks straight into the skin, making my normally tight dry skin feel hydrated and relaxed. Its like a vitamin tablet for your face. It smells divinely of oranges and really gives a boost to my skin before I add my moisturiser.
Because you only need the tiniest amount for your face, this is sure to last a good amount of time.
Would I buy the full size? Yes. However I'd have to hand my credit card to them with my eyes shut.

Truth Revealed Super Cream SPF:
This is a nice light moisturiser, with the added bonus of an SPF. This is nice. However I much prefer my current Benefit Total  Moisture Cream. It's cheaper and its more hydrating. I feel in the summer months this would be nice for a nice light application, whilst being protected by the sun without having to wear a heavy SPF.
Would I buy the full size? Nope. Way too pricey.

Ultimate Eye Lift Gel:
Like it says on the pot. Its an eye gel. It feels cooling and not at all sticky. However after using this for a few weeks straight I can't say I've noticed a difference around my eye area, and it doesn't really moisturise the area either? Maybe if I had more prominent signs of ageing I would benefit from this.
Would I buy the full size? I don't think I'll ever need to! you need such a small amount of product that I think this will last a while! However I prefer my Keihl's Creamy Eye Cream to moisturise under my eyes.

Sheer Transformation Cream:
This is alight air whipped formula which is meant to even out skin tone, rid of dark areas and perfect the skin. I've been using this a few times a week and have noticed a small change. Its great to use under make up as it sits nicely on top and makes make up look better. t just gives you a nice smooth base and good looking skin.
Would I buy the full size? I don't think so... I feel I an live without this. However it is a really nice product.

Invigoration Night Gel:
I've been after an acid exfoliater for a while now, however they're either too expensive or the cheap ones irritate my skin. This however truly does the job! It slays dead skin and you wake up with a beautiful smooth face. No dry patches, no irritated skin, just lovely happy, soft skin.
Once again this a gel formula and you only need a small amount. My little pot is going to last me! I just place a pea sized amount of product onto my face and apply all over, And in the morning my skin looks revitalised.
Would I buy the full size? Yes. This product is the hero product in this set. Again I'd have to shut my eyes at the counter. But it would be worth it!

Have you tried anything from Ole Henrikson? What do you think?
I still want to try the brightening face wipes? However I'm not sure I can justify the £15 price tag?


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