Benefit Corner

I'll admit it.

I caved. 

Benefit packaging and their gorgeous selection of products were just shouting at me to purchase them. 

I've brought a few of their mini beauty kits before to try a few items from their range, so knew I would enjoy their products,

Lets start with 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer. This dewy primer (which smells like raspberries) has a pink tone to it so that when applied to the face it appears to even things out and gives a nice fresh glow to the skin. It isn't drying and I like to wear this alone on non make up days, or mixed in with my foundation to add a bit of brightness.

The packaging is in a tube with a twist at the bottom, so that the product comes out in a reasonable quantity through an almost sponge like top. It's incredibly easy to use. I first tried the sample size which came in a small tube with a few other products; and it lasted me ages, So I know this will too.

Secondly I have the 'Coralista' Box Blush. This is a gorgeous coral blush with a small amount of shimmer to it so it create the look of a highlight when on the cheeks. It gives the cheeks a natural glow and also adding a small amount of tan due to the deep coral colour. On paler skin tones this could almost be used as a contour colour.
I'm contemplating adding 'Rocketeur' and 'Dallas' to my collection....but I may need to save up some boots points'!

Lastly I have the 'Fine One One' cream blush. Inside the twist up packaging are three colours stacked against each other. A gorgeous champagne highlight. A poppy pink shade and a coral. When swiped across the cheek - with the highlight placed along the cheek bone. you simply swirl upwards with a brush or fingers for a gorgeous creamy blush look that looks complex, yet took 5 seconds.
I don't use this product enough, and I really should because it's beautiful. (And look at that rose gold packaging!)

Do you have any recommendations from Benefit? What's your favourite product?  


  1. I love porefessional. I hate their mascara though! To be honest, I think it tends to be overpriced for what it is!

    Corinne x


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