Why I Came Off The Pill

Recently I hadn't felt myself. I felt like a little piece of me was missing - I almost felt dehumanised. I decided that after 6 years I was going to stop taking the pill. Luckily my boyfriend supported my decision and so 2 months ago I decided to take a break. For my body's sake and my mental state.

I've never had a bad experience with the combination pill - no cramps, light periods and being able to skip periods was also a blessing when holidays came up! What I did notice was I missed my libido, being able to control my weight and not being in sync with my body anymore. So I took the leap and I feel a lot better already. I feel I have a long way to go yet - I think my body is still adjusting so I'll do another update in a few months time.

Just before I started taking the pill 6 years ago, I had the worst period cramps I'd ever experienced, I'm just dreading that they will return. I guess there's pro's and cons to this whole situation. I just need to do whats best for me. I wanted to check that my body still worked - I've been using the Flo app to track my period (as it's not like clockwork anymore!) My first period happened exactly a month after taking my last pill. As for my second I'm still waiting....It never was very regular so that's to be expected! I'm just trying to listen to my body more. 

After a lot of research it's no wonder I hadn't felt myself in a while - I was pumping myself with fake hormones to trick my body. The list of side effects that comes with the pill is long and scary - so here I am - starting a new journey and seeing where it leads me!


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