Simple Cottage Pie Recipe

This was one of the first meals I learnt to cook for Lee and myself when we moved out just over a year ago. It's super simple and super yummy, and can be switched up and changed if you fancy spicing it up a bit! This is

This is what you'll need:

500 grams mince (Quorn)
6-8 medium sized potatoes
Gravy - bisto/oxo/stock
2 tablespoons of butter
Your choice of vegetables to dish it up with.

Firstly your going to want to grab yourself a big square dish. Or you could make smaller individual dishes if you'd prefer and have the right dishes to do so.

  1. Peel and chop all your potatoes into small chunks (the smaller the quicker they take to cook.)
  2. Pop your potatoes in a large pan and fill with water. Ensure the all your potatoes are submerged.
  3. Bring your potatoes to the boil and allow to simmer for 20 - 30mins.
  4. Whilst your letting your potatoes cook, place a drop of oil into a wok/frying pan and wait for the oil to be really hot before adding your mince or Quorn. 
  5. Once your mince is brown and fully cooked, your going to want to add some gravy into the pan. (you can also add peas if you wish)
  6. Add small amounts of gravy until you have the desired consistency. (You don't want it too soggy or else your potatoes won't sit right on top later.)
  7. Your potatoes should be fully cooked by now (to test prick with a fork or knife; if they slide off easily they're cooked) Drain off the excess water and add 2 large tablespoons of butter into the potatoes and start mashing. You want a nice smooth consistency 
  8. Place your mince and gravy into your dish. Spread it our evenly then place your mash potato onto the top. I find it easier to do this with a fork so that I can press it into the corners.
  9. To get that crunchy top you want to run your fork through the potato once the dish is covered and fluff it up into spikes. - you can also add cheese if it pleases you!
  10. Place in the centre of the oven at full heat and wait for top to crisp up and serve!

We normally serve with peas and carrots or add them into the mixture itself. I know some people add tomato puree and onions into their mixtures too but this is how we like ours. Plain, simple and super tasty.

Bon Appetite!


  1. This looks delicious! I have just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it :D

    1. Thank you so much! Much love to you!


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