Gym essentials

It's hard to know what to take to the gym; you either end up with everything in your gym back, or nothing! Here's a little run down on what I take with me to the gym.

A bottle of water: This is my most essential item. I always end up kicking myself if I forget to take some water with me! It's good to stay hydrated when your working out and having a bottle of water by your side will endure you stay hydrated! I find I need water most when doing High Intensity workout class's.
Comfy clothing: There' nothing worse than being uncomfortable whilst doing a workout. Go for loose fitting tops and shorts/leggings that fit you well and you also feel good in,. There's nothing better than looking good and feeling good at the same time! There's no need to splash on on fancy gym wear either, Places like Primark, H&M and Forever 21 have some great sports wear available for decent prices. I prefer to wear a t-shirt and shorts to the gym as I get quite warm, but I'm quite conscious of my arms so I like to hide those away!
Deodorant: No one wants to smell you after your gym workout, They'd o great mini size's of most products now so it's easy to stash one away in your bag.
A cut throat version of some essential products: I normally go straight to work after the gym or start my day after a morning workout. So I like to make sure I look semi presentable when I leave.
I always take a mini shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Especially if I've been swimming or in the spa - I don't want to smell of Chlorine all day. My skin and chlorine don't get along so well so I always have a shower afterwards. I also take some skin care items such as a hydration mist, moisturiser and eye cream.
Hair brush: nothing worse than sweaty gym hair! Grab some dry shampoo and a hair brush and no one will be the wiser! I always have a few hair grips lying around incase I want to braid my fringe away from my face. 
Make up: I always pack a good moisturiser as my face can become dry. A little mascara and a bit of blusher to perk my face up!
Last but not least I normally pack a perfume in my bag just to feel fresh and ready for the day!

What do you take to the gym?


  1. I definitely want to try out the Simple face mist! I usually go home and shower right after the gym.

  2. I try too but I usually go before work so have no time! It's so easy to spray and get some hydration back into the skin!

    Thanks for commenting x


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