YSL Volupte Shine - Corail In Touch Review

Today I splurged on the most beautiful lipstick I ever did see. I was at the MAC counter trying to find a nice coral shade, but after getting pushed around by teenage girls all looking at velvet teddy and rubywoo, I decided to venture else where. I was looking for MAC 'See Sheer' but it was no where to be seen! I wanted something coral, pretty and sheer - so I popped to YSL and asked an assistant to get all the coral shades out for me to see.
She did so and offered to put them all on so I could decide which one was for me. I instantly loved the shade 'Corail in Touch' and snapped it up there and then, its a gorgeous shiny lipstick with a brightening coral pigment. Because it's sheer and shiny it's super easy to wear and doesn't make you feel conscious that everyone is staring at your lips. If I was going to spend £26 on a lipstck, I want it to be a really wearable colour.

I would certainly be interested in adding more shades to my collection. The packaging itself could make anyone swoon over them. They're simply stunning, and definitely something you want seen.

I think if you have the money to spare these are absolutely gorgeous - they would make a stunning gift to girlfriends and mums too!


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