Benefit Blush Review - Coralista. Hoola. Rockateur, Fine One One

Good Evening All,

I wanted to get back into the groove of my little corner of the internet - so I thought I'd talk about something I love, to ease myself back into things.

The Benefit blushers are gorgeous. I currently own three, however I wish to add a few more to my collection. I use at least one of these everyday, even if I'm not wearing any other make up - a little blush goes a long way to brightening up your complexion! First up we have Coralista - a gorgeous coral with a beautiful sheen. This is perfect for so many different skin tones and is a really easy colour to wear, I love this especially in the spring and summer to add that youthful peachy - just been running through a field of tulips look. (obviously)

Next up is Rockateur - this rose scented blush is a sheeny dusty rose shade. The scent of this product puts me off sometimes - it's very strong and if you don't like rose scents, you may not enjoy this! However the colour is easy to wear, and flattering all year round. It has a nice glowy sheen to the rose shade blush and the design inside the box is gorgeous. One thing I dislike about this blush is the packaging...lace, studs and snakeskin isn't my style. But the product inside is beautiful. A word of warning to the heavy handed ladies out there (raises hand) this is a lot more pigmented than coralisa - use a light hand!
One thing I noticed is that Coralista is £23.50 for 8 grams of product - where as Rockateur is the same price but for only 5 grams of product. Not sure what's going on there! These blushers have lasted me ages so I have no complaints! Just seems slightly odd!

Benefits Hoola Bronzer is a cult classic - I've never been fond of bronzers. Sometimes they make me look muddy and extra hairy (you know what I mean, when you can suddenly see EVERY tiny facial hair you have on your cheeks because of your bronzer!) and two I've never really known how to apply them properly without looking like an oompa loompa! I spotted a mini size of the Hoola Bronzer in my local Boots, and at £9.95 for 4 grams of product, I thought I'd give it a shot.
I've started sweeping the product on a duo fibre blush brush and focus on the bridge of my nose and across my cheeks - giving me a natural looking sun kissed look. I tried contouring with this but it's just too warm toned for me. I have a new love for this product, and the taster size product means I can try it out without feeling guilty!

I also own The Fine One One cream blusher. This was one of my first Benefit items I purchased from the brand. It has 3 gorgeous sheeny shades, in fool proof packaging. You literally swipe the stick over your cheeks, and blend upwards either with a brush or fingers. The look is natural and pretty! It's certainly an all time favourite! If I'm having a dry skin day, this can cling onto dry patches and make them more noticeable, just as a warning!
I still want to add Dallas and Hervana into my collection, but I'll wait for my Boots points to catch up first! I will say that you can pay a fraction of the price for decent blushers from the drugstore - but for a little treat and a piece of luxury I love these!

Do you own any Benefit Blushers? What are your thoughts?


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