Benefit Posietint Lipbalm Review

I love lipbalms. I don't just love them, I need them. I have one in every bag I own and at least two in the house somewhere, as my lips always feel parched and uncomfortable throughout the day.
I usually stay away from cosmetic 'tinted' lipbalms as they never give the same hydrating benefits as the likes of 'Carmex' or 'Burts Bee's' and I normally find them quite gimicky.

So after treating myself at the Benefit counter the other day, I though't I'd pick up the beautifully packaged 'Posiebalm' as a little treat. It's in a gorgeous neutral pink shade that anyone can wear, and is housed in gorgeous pink metallic casing.

As soon as I tried it, my lips felt hydtared and comfortable, and even had a nice little hint of pink to them. I was pleasently surprised! - and theres nothing better than taking out that pretty packaging and reapplying it in public.

It is super pricey for a tinted lipbalm, but for a little treat, and something that actually works - I'd certainly repurachse some more in different colours, Chacha Balm is a beautiful peachy orange, and Benebalm is a nice muted cherry red. The only one I wouldn't wear is Lollibalm - an orchid purple shade that has a very blue tint to it.


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