My Favourite Things About Autumn.

I'm ready for Autumn, I will it embrace it with open arms whilst wearing a cosy jumper and boots.

In the summer I'm never really sure what to wear, I was certainly born for the colder months - I feel the colour pallet of Autumn suits my skin tone better.

I love wearing cosy jumpers and layering my clothes, whether its a cute flannel shirt, or a fluffy gillette. Jumpers are my thing. I own so many grey jumpers....I can't bear to part with them. Some are glittery, some are cosy, and some fall really nicely on my figure. A good Burgundy and mustard yellow never go a-miss either!

Secondly - Scarfs. Scarfs finish off an outfit, and add a little extra texture too. One of my all time favourites is a green/blue tartan number from Topshop, and then I have a huge blanket scarf from Zara for really cold days - also great for travel!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes. These are a seasonal speciality from Starbucks which I crave all year round. They're sweet and spicy and all things autumn.

Photo Courtesy of Polyvore
Lastly I love wearing boots. I was on the hunt for some Chelsea style boots, and found these perfectly tan suede ones from River Island. They're gorgeous and go with any outfit. In fact River Island are hot on the boot game this year. They had some gorgeous thigh high boots too...but I don't think I have anywhere to wear them.


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