Benefit Gimmie Brow Review

My brows and I have never had a great relationship. I've never been able to get the right shape to suit my face, and I'm naff at filling them in with brow pencils. All the colours I find are too warm for my quite dark brows.

This little gel from Benefit is the bee's knees for girls who are not friends with their brows, and hate high maintainance make up! A quick swipe through the brows makes them look darker, shaped and bolder. I'm in love!

The small brush make it easy to get into the smaller areas of the brows, and the colour match it pretty perfect. There are only two colours in the range, but the light brown looks light enough for blondes, and the medium brown is dark enough for dark brows like mine. It doesn't make your brows crispy or uncomfortable, it just adds enough colour to sparse looking brows, and sets unruley brows in place.

I used to use the Maybelline Brow Drama gel, which had a small circular brush which was hard to get on with and didn't cling to all the small little unseen hairs at the front, and didn't add the same kind of texture that the Benefit one has to offer.

If you can afford to splurge - go for the Benenfit offering, if you need to save? - The Maybelline one will still do a decent job,


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