What To Watch On Netflix

A few years ago I gave Netflix a try and found that after watching 3 films there was nothing else of interest to me. So we didn't carry on with our subscription and left it at that.

Then Lee came home a few month ago saying how everyone was telling him to get Netflix because of how good it was, At first we didn't believe them, but decided to check it out with the 30 day free trial anyway.

As soon as I saw a large selection of Disney movies and a few childhood favourites on their I was sold! The best thing about Netflix is the selection of TV series available, here's a list of our favourites

  • Marco Polo - A Netflix original about the famous Marco Polo and his time in China. Has a good story that keeps you watching, but can be quite chatty at times. Not as good as Game Of Thrones but on par.
  • Orange is the New Black - This is one of my favourites. Another Netflix original series about a women who ends up in prison and makes really bad choices. The characters are great, and the story is always engaging. Can't wait for series 3!
  • Once Upon a Time - I've only just got into this. Its owned by Disney and has a pretty interesting storyline to it. Basically all the well known fairytale's are all intertwined in a modern day interpretation.
  • American Horror Story - I didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did. I'm not one for scary movies, let alone a TV series! The first and third series are my favourite so far. I loved it. It's gripping and compelling and makes great TV.
  • Better Call Saul - I watched Breaking Bad but felt it was a bit slow going at times...Better Call Saul is a bit quicker paced and is faster paced and more entraining than Breaking Bad.
There are still plenty of series I want to watch but need more hours in the day! There's Pretty Little Liars, Whitecollar and Suits. One day I'll get round to it!

Do you have any recommendation to watch?


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