My Makeup Storage.

When I moved out last year with my boyfriend; the one thing I knew I wanted was a dressing table. Somewhere to do my hair and makeup in the morning, and somewhere bright and light.

When we went for our big Ikea shop; I spotted the 'Malm' Dresser in one of the displays and instantly fell in love with it. It was crisp and clean, and thankfully matched the bedroom furniture we'd picked out!

One the top is a glass top. This makes the dresser easy to clean, and also adds a nice element to the room. Then it has one large drawer the whole width of the dressing table. Inside I've seperated my makeup and haircare using drawer separators from Muji. I used to own the acrylic Muji drawers and use those as storage for my makeup, however the draw is to shallow to accommodate them, so I've had to find other uses for them for now!
On top of my dresser is a mirror from The Range which fits nicely with the room as all our furniture is white. I also have a mirrored plate with some pretty jars and my perfumes on. On the other side are all my hair appliances

Inside I have a box for:

  • Base products - primers, BB creams and foundations.
  • Lip products - lipsticks, lipbalms, tinted products and a lipscrub.
  • Cheek products - Blushers, Highlights and Bronzers (My favourite drawer)
  • Eye products - Eyeliners, eyeshadows and Masacras ( I need another thinner box to separate these more)
  • Brushes - Makeup brushes and eyelash curlers.
Then there's all my hair products and brushes and another little organiser for my hair grips and bobbles.

I also slot in some skincare and makeup pallets and face masks in the front where there is space.

This is my favourite corner of our flat. What's your favourite corner of your home?


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