Bumble and Bumble Review

I'm not one to care about my hair...half the time I leave to it's own device's (as it's usually raining outside or humid as hell) or I try and smooth out my naturally frizzy hair.
I'm very lucky in the fact my hair can hold a curl and can be straightened, however the elements get the better of it occasionally.

Bumble and Bumble are overall quite a pricey brand, however I've been lucky enough to pick up these bits from the Boots clearance shelves. I haven't paid more than £5 for any of these products. And I'm trying to decide if any of them are worth purchasing full price.

Lets start with the two at the bottom. These came in a little 'blow dry' set together. I enjoy using the Bb Straight when I know at some point in the day I'm going to straighten my hair. When blow drying it leaves my hair smoother, shinier and straighter (somehow.) However I have a very similar product from Tres Eme '7 day straight' serum which works wonder on my hair! and at about a third the price of a full sized bottle of Bb Straight.
Then there is the Bb Thickening Hairspray which I don't really need. My hair is thick once its been blow dried, however this does add a nice texture and hold to my hair if I've styled it or want a bit more volume as the days gone on.

Another Product from the Bb Thickening range is the 'Dryspun finish' texture spray. This does what it says on the tin. Light, airy texture put into the hair without weighing it down and without that horrible crunchy hairspray feel. I love this for a quick fix to limp heavy hair.

Lastly is the Bb Prep primer. I picked this up not knowing what the hell it was.
After a little reading I found it's great at de-tangling before blow drying, and helps to prepare the hair for any products you'll be using afterwards. I'm not sure I've seen a benefit to it working well with other products...but it's a great lightweight de-tangler, and my blow dry always looks fresher and cleaner after using this before blow drying.

Have you tried any products from Bumble and Bumble? I really want to try the 'hair dressers invisible oil' range as well as their 'Sunday Shampoo.'
Looks like I'll have to keep checking in on that clearance shelf!


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