Life Lesson - Friends and Relationships

Since turning 24 I've realised a few things, not only about myself, but also about other people. These may not be revolutionary, but over the past year or two I've learnt a few things:

It's okay if you drift apart from your high school friends - Since I went into full time work and everyone else went off to Uni, natural drifting is always going to happen, especially as your making new friends in new environments and are growing up separately.  But try and reach out when you can, you'll normally find they're the same friend as 3 years ago.

Don't hang out with people you don't like - Life is just too short. Don't waste your time with people who aren't your true friends and are unreliable or don't make an effort to see you. Friendship should be two sided and enjoyable, not a chore.

It's good to have opinions - Opinions are conversations, if everyone had the same opinion life would be pretty boring.

Love yourself - Body shaming and comparing yourself to skinny girls in magazines and Instagram isn't healthy. Being happy and feeling beautiful are what truly matter. Life's to short to spend hours at the gym and worry about how many calories are in that burger. Who cares if you put on a few pounds - as long as your happy and have a kind heart - nothing else should really matter.

Relationships should be easy - I kissed many a frog till I found my prince *cringe* I'm now in the easiest, drama free relationship. We're both on the same page in life and have aims and goals, joint ones and personal ones. We support each other and love each other. Too many times I was messed around, pressured, and insecure. No girl should feel that way - respect yourself and learn when things aren't right.

Bitching gets you no where - I used to think it was cool to bitch about other people. It always back fired and someone always ended up getting upset. I used to think it made me feel better, turns out I was either jealous or trying to fit in with other people. Women should be helping each other grow, not knocking each other down when they've achieved something. Maybe someone got a promotion - congratulate them; Brought their dream car - Compliment it and enjoy their happiness at their new achievement. Gossip is always fun - but make sure no one gets hurt and secrets are kept secret.

Don't do anything you don't want to do - Don't want to go clubbing? Don't go. Not ready for sex? Don't do it. Do what you want to do and never feel pressured into doing things you don't want to do. You won't regret it. And anyone who doesn't respect your choices obviously isn't worth your time.

Be you. Be Happy.

Do you have any life lessons you've learnt recently?


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