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My poor little face and arms have been having a really bad time recently, I don't know if its weather, food or stress related. So in term of make up I haven't really been wearing much as I wanted it to calm down.

There's one star product that always calms and replenishes my skin and that's Eumocream. It's aimed at baby's, but its so calming that it's great for eczema and dry skin. It's a white thick formula that instantly cools and hydrates my skin without it feeling too greasy like some ointments do. This stuff is like gold dust in my local boots so I always make sure I stock up!

On top of the Eumocream I've been usuing my little pot of L'occitane Immortalle Precious Cream. I got this from a trip to Bicester Village where they sell these little pots for £5. They're so handy and so hydrating, I take this out with me for touch ups on any upset skin patches.

I recently ran out of my Soap and Glory 'Make Yourself Youthful' Serum and had this one from Garnier to use up. It's the Garnier Ultralift Swirl 2 in 1 serum and cream. I've found this surprisingly hydrating and doesn't seem to make my skin angry, but leaves it smooth and happy ready for my moisturiser. Once this is finished I will probably repurchase the Soap and Glory offering, or try something new, like something from Kheils, Ren, or No7.

I've still been wearing make up on my eyes, so this week I've been loving the Seventeen 'Eye Eye' shadow in 'Rose Quartz.' I purchased this the other week after seeing it featured in Fleur De Force's videos and thought why not! It was £3.89 and is a gorgeous quality. It's buttery smooth and is a beautiful shimmery dusty rose colour. I've been wearing this all over the lid and just underneath the eye to add a little - something something to my everyday bad skin look.

For mascara my trusty Soap and Glory Thick and Fast has been doing the job. I love using the white side of the L'oreal Superstar mascara underneath this formula. It adds loads of extra volume and length without being clumpy or crispy.

On my nails I've been loving these Elegant Touch instant stick on nails. As I went away for my birthday for a few days, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try these out - and I'm converted. They lasted 4 days before they started to fly off every now and then, but with 20+ odd nails in the pack meant I could easily replace them. The colour selections are beautiful too. I managed to pick these up from Superdrug for £1.99 - Bargain! I had to trim them down to a reasonable size and file them back into shape, but it was no more difficult than doing my own nails. I will be purchasing some more sooner than later!


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