Mac Lickable Review

I've always wanted a lipstick from Mac but I don't understand how it works in there, and there are far too many colour choices to make, so I'm kinda glad she did it all for me! 

The colour is 'Lickable' in a cream sheen formula. It's a super bright pink, with some darker under tones with a hint of glitter running through it. It's absolutely gorgeous and nothing like anything else in my collection, it's also something I might not of picked up myself which is always a nice surprise. 

The formula is really comfortable on the lips and the lasting power is pretty good too! It leaves a slight stain to the lips, so even after its warn off, your left with a gorgeous pink stain that still looks like your wearing lipstick. 

All in all this is basically the start of a poor bank account as I'm going to want more colours now! 


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