Soap and Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar Review

My brows and I are not best friends.
I want to get them done professionally, but that means I need to grow them out to get a decent shape out them....which will mean I'll look like I have two hairy caterpillars on my forehead for a few weeks. Which I cant really be dealing with!

I normally just stick to plucking them now-a-days. I used to wax them...but there's nothing worse than getting a bit wax happy with the strips and going overboard. I love the bold brow look at the moment and want to perfect the shape of mine - especially when I have all my hair out my face and their on show. I really think good brows can frame a face.

I've been looking for a decent brow product for a while now and spotted this little number from Soap and Glory. Inside is a blonde and brown powder, a clear wax and a cream highlight. I've tried brow pencils and just never got along with them...they usually crumbled in my brow or the color was too warm. 

The colors are a pretty good match for me. I wouldn't suggest this product to anyone with light or blonde eyebrows. I have incredibly dark brows and the brown is slightly too warm, but the blonde has a nice ash tone to it so it matches quite well. Its still dark for a blonde shade though..and in the pan it actually looks green (!)
The wax is great for setting them in place, and I've been mixing the wax and the powder together to get a better consistency. And the cream highlight is okay. I'd rather use 'Virgin' from my Naked 1 palette, or my cream highlight from No7. But as it's included its a nice little touch. 

In the packaging also comes a little spool, and two angled brushes. Which I have been using and find a little fiddly; but for on the go would be perfect.

Whilst I wait for my brows to grow a little bit before having them done professionally (I'm thinking HD Brows or Benefit brow mapping) This is perfect to fill in any gaps and to get a good shape going. 

Have you tried this product? Or have you had your eyebrows done professionally?


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