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Here's a little wish list I made as I'm trying to save right now, but this kinda curbs the need to spend money for the moment.

I have two perfume wants on here. First is Yves Saint Laurent in Black Opium, I smelt this in duty free on holiday and became addicted...but not to the price tag! I have plenty of perfumes to use before I splurge on a new one. It smells deep and sexy and slightly sweet? I love it.
Next is Molecule 101 which I've heard so much about on the internet! From what I understand it only has one ingredient which smells different on everyone else and smells differently too other people as well. They only sell this in Liberty London so I'd have to try it before I bought it.

Next up is a cleansing balm from Emma Hardie. As soon as my Eve Lom one has run out this is going straight into my basket!

Next a clothing item. I'm all about pastel colours and cute collars right now. But they are no where to be seen! I'm not even sure we have a Jane Norman anymore? But this little number is cute.

From The Balm is this 'Nute Tude' Palette. Every colour looks wear-able and  it has a reasonable price tag. The only reason I haven't already purchased this is because I cannot find one to sample/swatch to see what the quality is like! Superdrug are supposedly meant to stock The Balm...however I am yet to find one that does!

Also from The Balm cosmetics range is their 'Mary-Lou Manizer' highlighter, This is meant to be the best of the best for high street highlighters. Again same problem as above...I'm not able to swatch it to find out if it's worth the money! Maybe I'll bite the bullet on these two items if there is ever a deal on

Benefit Dallas looks quite dull in the box, but I've seen swatches of this and it looks gorgeous. I'm just unsure if this would suit my skin tone as its kind of a dirty looking pink? Maybe when I save my boots points up I can give this a little try.

Last but not least is the new YSL Lip Oil. These sound gorgeous...but a total luxury purchase. I'm in love with the packaging and I'd also love the YSL Lipstick...
This is a case of seriously wanting one. But not needing one.
Would certainly look very nice on my dressing table!

Escentric Molecules fragrance
£54 -

Jane Norman green top

TheBalm eyeshadow

TheBalm face powder
£22 -

Benefit blush
£19 -


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