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Back in the day I never used make up brushes...I didn't know what to do with them and what they were for. But recently I've really enjoyed using make up brushes and experimenting with different brands and different brushes to get different effects.

The first brushes I brought we're from Real Techniques. They're really affordable and have a great selection. There are cheaper brushes out there but these rival higher end ones.

Blush Brush - This is so fluffy! It picks up just enough product to swipe across the cheeks, and because it has a slightly tapered end you can be really precise. I also use my highlight products with this brush.
Expert Face Brush - This is where I started experimenting with brushes for my foundation. Don't get me wrong; I still use my hands to apply some products as they need warming up with your fingers first. I usually pump a few drop of foundation and primer onto the back of my hand, and start blending the products in with this brush. I use circular buffing motions to make sure it looks like skin and has a natural finish to it. This brush is alot denser than the blush brush to I often use this for bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks to add some definition; as the shape of the brush fits perfectly into the little hollow. I sometimes use this for blusher too if I want a but more colour than normal.
Shading Brush - This is a small eyeshadow brush. I don't totally love this one, I feel it's a but harsh to use on my eyes, but I do enjoy using it to blend coloyrs out. I usually use the brush that came with my Naked Palette to pack colour onto my lids. This eye shadow is quite stiff so it moved colour around quite well.
Bold Metals 201 - This is a crease brush. First THAT PACKAGING. I seriously want to the whole collection but it's slightly more expensive than their original selection so this might take a while to collect the ones I have my eye on. I digress. This brush is tapered so that it fits into the crease of your eye perfectly, and is super dense but soft enough not to irritate.

Recently on a little bots trip I also purchased the Duo Fibre Real Techniques Collection. These are softer brushes with a really stippled effect at the end of each brush, allowing just the smallest bit of product to be picked up. So if your heavy handed like me; these are perfect!
The set includes a shading brush, a face brush and a contour brush. I love using the contour brush to add blusher and highlighter as it fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks and on my cheek bone.

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques Brushes? I really want to get my hands on some from Zoeva and Mac.


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