All About Them Oils.

Facial oils, body oils,shower oils; I'm all about them recently.

As you probably know by now I suffer from very dry/dehydrated skin and really struggle to keep moisture locked in without having a tight face, or flaky patches appearing.
I recently picked up two facial oils from The Sanctuary; one for the day time which is a serum/oil and a true oil for the night.

In the shower I've been switching between L'occitane almond shower oil and The Sanctuary Spa 3 day moisture shower oil. 
The L'occitane one is super moisturising and smells divine! I only need to use a tiny amount to get a little larger going. This one feels luxurious and will last me ages! 
The Sanctuary Spa offering is half the price but is much thicker and almost has a heating element to it. When I first place the oil on my skin I feel it heat up and then lather it up. This creates bigger bubbles and has that signature Sanctuary Spa scent. This has more of a gel consistency than an oil, but still moisturise's the skin. 

Once I'm out the shower sometimes I still need some more moisture. So I've started using a body oil. I've picked up one from Origional Source. This again smells beautiful and fruity! It's not greasy and it drys really quickly and leaves my skin silky smooth. I prefer the light feeling of an oil than a thick body butter. It also makes my skin look glowy, healthy and gives a nice sheen. Perfect for the summer!

After popping on my moisturiser I then put on my Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum. This is hydrating and really locks in the moisture for the day.
I could happily just wear this on its own as its so light and hydrating.

After I've removed all my make up in the evening I apply The Sanctuary Spa Therapists Secret Facial Oil. This is a thicker oil and is perfect for hydrating my skin throughout the night. 

I've heard that even if you suffer from oily skin, an oil is still suitable for your skin type as your skin is over compensating due to the lack of oil. Even breakouts can be caused by dry skin. 
I haven't suffered from any type of breakouts since using oils and can only highly recommend them! 


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