Little Corners Part 2

The Hallway is the centre of the our house, so I wanted to add personal touches so you knew exactly whose house it was as soon as you walk in. I still want to find some more prints to hang up, but that's an on going project right now.

I wanted something cosy, yet bright to fill the space, so the wood and the white ornaments set if off quite nicely.

This print is from my good friend Stuart - you can check out his page here:
He mostly does snowboard themed paintings, but has his own distinct flair which I love. We also own a smaller version for my boyfriends office (which is yet to be finished!)

On the console table we have an array of trinkets to add a homely feel to the place. I originally had a small vase of thin fake flowers in the corner, but found this big leafy fucker in IKEA who fits in perfectly (Don't ask me what plant it is...the label was wrong!) The plant pot is from IKEA too.

I also found an LED star light from New Look, and a Copper 'L' from Hobby Craft.

The console table was from a shop called Cargo - which no longer exsists, but it was a bargain and a half!

Underneath we keep shoes and bags as it's only a small hallway and we wouldn't be able to fit anything else in like hooks or a seperate shoe storage.

Hope you enjoy!


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