Life Lesson - Work Life

Having worked my way up within a company over 8 years, I know a thing or two about customer service and the work environment. Here are my little lessons on work life.
Remember - we spend more than 50% of our lifetime at work, might as well enjoy it!

Dating Colleagues - It's not surprising that many people meet their other half in a work environment, It makes sense, your in each others company, you learn about each other and have something in common. It's hard to meet people when you work a lot, so naturally your going to find someone you like at work.
The only downfall to relationships at work is that your relationship ends up being everyone else's business, and sometimes you lack conversation as you've just had the same work day as each other! I've seen plenty of success stories from work romances, and lots of heartbreak too! Just be prepared if you do dive into a working relationship.

The Customer Isn't Always Right - Oh the cliche! Bad customers receive bad customer service - simple as. If you talk to me like shit, I'm going to talk to you like shit. If a customer comes up to me and is willing to have a chat and a smile, I'll have a chat and a smile back.
Customers also like to think they know the in's and out's of your business better than you do, stick up for yourself and know that some people just like to complain to get free stuff. Sometimes your not the problem!

Work Friends = Best Friends - I've made so many close friends over the years at work, you all have something in common and have stories each person can relate to.

Don't Work Too Hard - Life isn't made for working, it's made for living. make sure you use your holidays and go see the world. Money isn't everything in life, enjoy it!

Earn Respect, Don't Demand It - Too many times I've seen people in management roles, where they expect everyone to bend down and obey them, without lifting a finger themselves. I've always respected managers who work with the team, and do the same jobs the team do. I wouldn't hand out a job I wouldn't be willing to do myself. I would rather someone did something because they wanted to do it for me and help me, than because they were demanded to and resented me for it.

Do you have any experience within the work place?
Or have any other advice to give?


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