Dutch Braid for Short Hair

I've had short hair for about a year now and always struggle to find ways to create hair styles that are simple and wearable. My personal favourite is the Dutch braid. Somehow I can't do French plaits any more on myself...what ever I do it turns into a Dutch braid.

There are a few different variations of this look I like to do. Sometimes I like it neat with my fringe put up, or my fringe out and loose big plaits. 

First section your hair into two as if your about to put your hair into pigtails. Start on one side and split the section into three at the top of your head. As you plait; keep your hands close to your head so the plait follows them and add sections of hair as you plait. As you get behind your ear try and plait as much as you can then tie at the end with a clear elastic.
Do the same to the other side.

Then your going to need all the bobby pins in the world. Place one side of your plait over the other side and pin in place. Then grab your other plait and place it just underneath your already pinned plait and pin it securely. When you place it underneath it hides the pins and looks more finished. Secure your plaits where needed.

A handy tip if your pins keep sliding out is to spray some hair spray on them and they'll stay in better.

If you want it to look a bit messier and 'unfinished' then start pulling the plait apart slightly. This will create bigger plaits and loosen the look up a bit, I also like to hairspray my 'baby hair' at the front of my face to smooth-en it up a bit. I just spray the hair spray into the palm of my hand and smooth the fly away's down,


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