Soap and Glory: A Make up Overview

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite high street brands found in Boots. However they're very rarely spoken about and I think they have some great products under their name. (Not to forget their awesome bath range too!)

I'll start off with 'Supercat' liquid liner. This is a liquid liner in the form of a felt tip. It has a nice thin tip but is long enough to get a long stroke to make a winged look. The formula of this is nice too, not too shiny or wet and stays all day; but is still removable at the end of the day! I have a cheaper liquid liner from collection which is impossible to remove. I literally have to scrub at my eyes to get the damn thing off. The collection one also smells like marker pen...might explain something!

I'm a lover of the smoky eye look. Especially if its brown and not black. (Brown suits me much better than black) I always struggled to find an eye liner that I was able to smudge to look a bit more natural. That's when I found 'Smoulder Kohl' in the shade cocoa bean. It also has a handy pencil sharpener incorporate in the lid. This is super blend-able and easy to work with. Perfect for lazy days.

Now onto eyebrows, I have a love hate relationship with my brows. I'm awful at shaping them and they're generally quite unruly. This is the 'Archery' brow pencil. This has a waxy pencil on one end and a fine felt tip on the other. There is another version of this product with a very thin wax end and a spoole on the other.
The only problem I have with this product is that the wax is a little too hard and can crumble and the felt tip dries out pretty quickly. I'm yet to try the other version of this product, however it is on my list!
There is also a new eye brow product in the form of a 'DIY Brow Bar' which looks really good!

Next I have two glowy face products. The first is the 'Hocus Focus' illuminator and 'Glow all Out' face powder. I've spoken about Hocus Focus before; but it gives a gorgeous glow to the skin and hides all imperfections, Great under foundation or on it's own.
'Glow all out' is a great highlighter for the cheeks, or used lightly all over the face to add some more glow and youthfulness into the skin. This has been greatly loved and has a huge dent in the pan! This is comparative to high end highlighters. However I have heard great things about the Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm cosmetics. (also on my list!)

Bottom to top: Pom Pom, Blush Pink
The Missing Pink
Next are three lipsticks from the range. I have two mattes and one satin finish. The Matte shades are in 'Pom Pom' and 'Blush Pink.' Pom Pom is a nice deep red - but not so deep that your scared to wear it out. And 'Pink Blush' is a your lips but better. Both Mattes are super comfortable on the lips and are pretty long lasting!
I also have 'The Missing Pink' in the satin formula which again is a your lips but better colour but with an added sheen to it. I could wear this everyday and feel confident wearing. My local boots dosn't stock the full lipstick range, but there are some colours on the website I'd love to give a go! These lipsticks a pricey £9 each. but when you can compare them to MAC or Nars lipsticks, they;re incredibly good value for money!

Last but not least are three mascaras. Each one with a different brush and a different formula. I plan on doing a full review of these three as I feel they need it. Pictures will also be needed so you can really see the effects of them. But I'd say they're similar to Benefits 'They're Real' Mascara (which I don't love) but these perform much better and are half the price!

Look out for a full review of the mascaras soon!

There are a few products I don't have but would love to add to my collection! I've heard great things about their 'Solar Powder' bronzer, and their 'Lid Stuff' eye shadow quad in 'what's nude.' I might have to make a cheeky wishlist soon as I'm trying to save money right now...but have too many beauty products I wish I could buy!


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